The plan is to reproduce Squid’s custom bike. This project has been in the works for over ten years, as we’ve refined Squid’s Squarebuilt frame over time.

We’ve reached a point where we believe we can mass-produce this frame to offer a custom-like product at an affordable price. However, we need to order a minimum of 100 frames to make it economically feasible.

The first 100 framesets are available for $500; We have only until March 28 to reach the minimum order requirement, so we’ve made it easy for you to reserve yours with a $200 deposit now.

Shipping costs are yet to be determined, but we’ll keep you informed as we know more.

We appreciate your interest, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Use the comments section below. And ask as much as you can. I will update the page as often as necessary.


SEAT ANGLE74.57474
BB DROP424242
FORK LENGTH367367367

6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Shaped Tubing

Full Carbon Fiber Fork with Headset Cap and Expander plug

Integrated System Headset IS42/IS52

35mm Seat Clamp with 27.2 Post Insert

68mm BSA Bottom Bracket

Designed for 700 x 28 wheels

designed for 27.2mm seat post

Ask Me Questions


  1. Adam Uster

    What is the tube and fork material? Headset included? What is the spec on the dropouts? Is there a color option? I notice Pearl-Raspberry and Raspberry-Pearl in the drop down. What’s the difference?

    Thank you!

    1. Lance

      Hi Adam,
      The tubes are 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
      The fork is a unidirectional carbon fiber (390g)
      The headset IS42/IS52 is included
      It also comes with a top cap and expander plug.
      Since the fork is entirely carbon fiber, I wanted to be sure that it came with everything you would need but might not have if you don’t already have carbon fiber forks.
      There is no difference in the paint options. I’m just super funny and thought that was a great joke.

      1. Adam

        Thanks Lance, what about the rear dropouts?

        1. Lance

          Hi Adam,
          I’m not sure what you mean by the specifications of the rear dropouts.
          They are track drops with 120mm rear spacing. I’ll attach a photo below so you can see them in real life, but they are the same dropouts I drew in the 3D model of the frame. [You can see the model HERE]
          If you need something more specific, please ask.
          Squid track bike

  2. Mighk

    What’s the max tire clearance for 650 and 700?

    1. Lance

      The Max supported tire size is 700c x 28mm with roughly a centimeter clearance around it. I will post the CAD drawing below to show you what I mean.

  3. Hey I’m interested in a 57cm frame bike

    1. Lance

      Hi Keshuan,
      You can reserve a 57cm version here https://squarebuilt.com/order-page/

  4. Bob the Builder

    What is the frame/fork weight?

    1. Lance

      Hi Bob,
      The frame weight is approximately 2250 grams
      and the fork weight is 390 grams

  5. Andrew Rosenzweig

    Drilled for brakes?

    1. Lance

      Hi Andrew,
      The fork is drilled for brakes

  6. Marc

    Looks amazing!

    Any finish options? ex. raw aluminum, sans paint


    1. Lance

      Hi Marc,
      This is our initial start-up run of frames; this color and price go together and are a one-time thing. If this first run goes through, there will be about a hundred or so people with this frameset with this color combination for the rest of eternity. If you choose to, you can always strip the paint off when you get it. I wouldn’t suggest that, but it is an option.

  7. Richard

    Looks great. Would you ship international to EU?

    1. Lance

      Hi Richard,
      I’m still talking with the logistics people trying to figure out what’s possible. Send me your address and I will be able to give you a solid answer.

  8. Ryan

    Hello, what is the max rider weight for this frame? Thank you!

    1. Lance

      Hi Ryan,
      I will Run some FEA analysis on the frame and see what the structure can handle. Still, overall weight limits depend on all parts of the bicycle, especially the wheelset, so I can’t give you a number for your particular situation.

      1. Ryan

        Thank you, I appreciate that.

  9. Keith

    Do you happen to have figures for the stack and top tube slope angle?

    1. Lance

      Hi Keith,
      Yes, every angle and measurement can be taken right from the 3D model of the particular size you are interested in. Go to the main page, scroll down to the size you are interested in, and click the [See More] button. From there, you can take precision measurements of anything you want. Actually, I will just link to the models here SMALL-48 MEDIUM-53 LARGE-57

  10. Ryan Sneden

    Hi Lance,
    Any updates regarding max rider weight. FEA analysis?

    1. Lance

      Sorry Ryan, I haven’t had the time to analyze it properly.

      This most likely will not happen before we close orders on the 28th

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