Made In China

Why We’re Making Our New Bicycle Frame in China

Squarebuilt has always created quality bicycle frames. And that’s why we’ve decided to work with our partner factory in China to bring our latest design to life. There are several reasons why we believe China is the best place to manufacture our new bicycle frame:

Expertise: China is home to some of the world’s most skilled and experienced bike manufacturers. By working with a factory with years of experience producing high-quality frames, we can ensure our design is built to the highest standards.

Affordability: China is known for its competitive pricing, which means we can produce our frames at a lower cost without sacrificing quality. Keeping our costs down makes our frames more accessible to everyone.

Speed: Our partner factory in China can produce large quantities of frames quickly, so we can get our product to market faster than if we were making them in-house.

Why Tiger is the Right Person to Help Make it Happen

We’re also thrilled to work with Tiger, who brings experience and expertise to our project. Here’s why we believe he’s the right person to help make our new bicycle frame a reality:

Industry Knowledge: Tiger has been working in the bicycle industry for years and deeply understands how to produce high-quality frames. He has built relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and other industry experts, which means he can help us navigate the complex process of bringing our design to life.

Attention to Detail: Tiger is known for his meticulous attention to detail. He understands the importance of getting every detail just right, from the type of material we use to the thickness of the tubing. He’ll ensure that every frame we produce meets our exacting standards.

Passion: Above all else, Tiger is passionate about bikes. He believes in creating functional and beautiful products, and he’s committed to ensuring our new frame embodies those values.

By working with our partner factory in China and Tiger, we can create a bicycle frame that is second to none. We’re excited to bring our design to life and can’t wait for you to experience the result.



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