Lance Mercado

Hi, I am Lance Mercado. I started SquareBuilt in 2003.

Over the years, I’ve built a reputation for creating high-quality custom bicycles. Bikes that are designed around you, so they fit perfectly, making the ride smooth and comfortable.
The handling is impressive because it’s designed and built with your specific riding style as its goal, making the bike more responsive and easy to maneuver. As a mechanical engineer, I bring that level of quality and precision engineering into everything I do; as a result, I can be obsessive about the details.
With a custom bicycle, the feeling of connection and intimacy with your bike is pure satisfaction. It’s a unique experience that’s hard to replicate.

In addition to building custom frames at my workshop, I consult as a mechanical engineer overseeing the design and development of new e-bike models. I work closely with factory contacts ensuring that each model meets specifications and that production is efficient and high-quality.
This has allowed me to understand overseas manufacturing processes and build strong relationships with several manufacturing partners. Combining my expertise with custom bicycles and my experience with the mass manufacturing of e-bikes, I can offer a unique perspective and a more comprehensive range of options.

Whether you are looking for a unique custom frame or a factory-made frame based on local collaboration and prototyping, I consistently deliver on quality and experience. To get in touch, please use the form.